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Lending You a Hand

Spring is right around the corner and with that comes thoughts of this years’ planting season.  Farmers & Merchants Savings Bank would like to help with a crop input loan as low as 4.95%.   Crop input loans can be used to purchase chemicals, fertilizer, seed, fuel and for payment of cash rent and must be paid in full by December 31, 2018.  As you take advantage of suppliers’ discounts consider a crop input loan from us. 

Also, you may want to consider protecting your investment with multi-peril and/or crop hail insurance bought at competitive rates from Farmers & Merchants.  When it comes to growing crops, you can minimize the weather’s damaging effects with the use of crop insurance. 

You are not in this volatile farm market alone.  Our farm loan officers understand farming as they are farmers themselves and can offer FSA and Farmer Mac long term financing in addition to crop input, operating, and machinery loans.  They will work with you to maximize your return on investment.



You Arx a KXY Pxrson!

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Committed to giving you our best –  the staff at Farmers & Merchants Savings Bank


Cash in on These Banking Tips!

We give you the inside scoop on how you can save big $$$ as you do your banking!

  1. Sign up for internet banking and verify your checking account transactions each day.   Internet fraud and identity theft is prevalent and each week we work with customers who have had their debit card information stolen and have fraudulent charges on their checking account.    Catching these transactions early can save you money and put the thieves out of business.  Sign up here!
  2. Sign up for eAlerts.  eAlerts help monitor your checking account activity and can let you know when your account balance is getting low avoiding potential overdraft fees.  Click here to learn more about eAlerts
  3. Can’t make it to the bank during regular hours?   With mobile deposit you can deposit your payroll or other check from wherever you are and at any time.  Learn more about Mobile Deposits
  4. If you can’t make it to the bank before closing time, make deposits with your ATM card and receive credit for current day’s deposits made up to 6:00 PM.  You could earn interest on deposits a day earlier and avoid potential transfer or overdraft fees.  Click for more information
  5. Check with us to see what age you are considered a senior.  For those who meet the age requirement, your monthly checking account fees are waived.
  6. If you are still attending school, take advantage of our student checking account.  As long as you remain in school your monthly checking account fees are waived
  7. Keep your address current with us.  Not only will you receive your notices more quickly, but you will avoid a service fee to your account when items are returned from the post office because of no forwarding address.
  8. Did you realize that funds on deposit are considered unclaimed or inactive when there have been no transactions or contact made with the owner of the funds for three years?   When this happens, account proceeds are turned over to the State of Iowa.  To avoid this, make one transaction on each of your bank accounts every year and be sure to keep your address current so that we may notify you before this happens.


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Agricultural Lending

In the heart of the Midwest, we understand the importance of agriculture. Let our team of experienced ag lenders go to work for you. As farm producers ourselves, our roots run deep in our community and we understand the needs of farmers. We have access to a number of financing options and can offer long and short term rates. Give us a call today or stop in. We would welcome the opportunity to learn more about your operation.