Notice To Customers Who Bank Online

Phishing Alert






What is phishing?

Fraudsters will design fake Web sites that use a web address deceptively close to that of a genuine business. Their goal is to lure you into giving them personal information, such as your account number and password.


What FMSB is doing to prevent phishing.

Now when you log on to the official FMSB online banking site, after you enter your user ID and password, you will see an image and phrase that is unique to you. If this image and phrase are correct then you can proceed with entering your password, knowing that you are on the official site. If these are not what you expected to see, then do not proceed with your password and advise the Bank.

Reported occurrences of identity theft are on the rise and it is important for you to be educated on various internet schemes. Falling prey to these schemes could lead to your personal information being compromised. To learn more about internet schemes and how to protect yourself, please check out the following link:

• Get educated about internet fraud by logging on to:

We appreciate your business and are happy to answer any questions.


Nancy Schoh
Chief Operating Officer