Overdraft protection


Safety Check Line of Credit

A Safety Check Line of Credit is available to qualified accountholders and ties directly to your checking account.  Feel safe and secure in the event your account becomes overdrawn, an advance is made from your Safety Check Line of Credit which could save you from paying an overdraft fee.

Say you forget to write in your checkbook register the amount of the check you wrote out at the grocery store or you make an error in addition and you inadvertently become overdrawn. For that occasional oversight, we invite you to inquire about a Farmers & Merchants Savings Bank Safety Check Line of Credit.  To see if you are eligible, contact any FMSB customer service representative or FMSB loan officer today!

Automatic Transfer

Another way to avoid a costly overdraft fee is to set up an automatic transfer from your savings account to your checking account. There would be a $2.00 service fee for each transfer. You will be notified when a transfer occurs and you must sign an authorization form for us to initiate this service. Contact any customer service representative for this service.