Personal Savings

Farmers & Merchants Savings Bank offers several personal savings account options to help with your savings goals.

General Features and Benefits

Personal Savings

Achieve your financial goals with this savings account earning a competitive interest rate.

UTMA Savings

Special custodial savings account for minors. Allows parents or other custodians the ability to accumulate money for their children's future. A custodial account is used to hold and protect assets for a minor until they reach the age of majority.

Christmas Club

A convenient way to save for the holidays, this account offers a competitive interest rate with funds disbursed annually in October - just in time for holiday shopping. Choose your direct deposit frequency or make over-the-counter deposits whenever convenient.

FMSB Money Market

Earn a competitive interest rate, credited monthly, on this tiered money market account which combines check writing capability with interest earning potential.

Personal Savings Account Comparison

UTMA Savings Christmas
FMSB Money Market
Minimum to Open Account $100 $10 None $5,000
Minimum Balance to Avoid Minimum Balance Fee1 $100 $10 None $500
Minimum Balance Fee $5 $1 None $5*
Transaction Limitations 3 FREE debits per month 3 FREE debits per month Unlimited deposits allowed; No withdrawals until annual maturity 3 FREE debits per month
Account Statements Quarterly or monthly Quarterly or monthly Quarterly or monthly

Quarterly or monthly

Interest Crediting Frequency Semi-Annually Semi-Annually Semi-Annually


Internet/Mobile Banking Included Included Included


Touchtone Banker Included Included Included


ATM Card $1/mo/card N/A N/A N/A


  • Limitations on frequency of transfers - See account disclosure for restrictions and transfer limitations applicable to this account.
  • Quarterly statements will be provided unless combined with a checking statement when applicable or due to EFT activity
  • ATM Card Available to qualified accountholders. Other fees/charges may apply as disclosed at the ATM terminal.


  • 1. Minimum balance fee is based on the average available balance.
  • *. Monthly Maintenance Fees may be waived if customer agrees to receive electronic delivery of their periodic statement according to the Electronic Delivery Service Agreement.